Events and animations

Life on Saint Martin is punctuated by the sound of animations and festivities throughout the year. We list some of them, please, contact the tourist office for a complete list as well as for specific dates.

Grand case tuesdays – harmony nights

As of January until April, Grand Case, gastronomic capital of the Caribbean is going to be in full swing.
Get ready for more than 3 months’ festivities with local music, art and crafts exhibitions, every Tuesday from 6.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Not to be missed :
– The Craftsworks Market
– The Dancers’ Show, with live music
– 20 boutiques and art galleries
– 40 restaurants with sea view
– Group parades
– Clown, portrait artist, fire blowers on site, etc…

Saint-martin carnival 2016

In January or February: Come live the Saint-Martin Carnival experience !
A major moment of the year during which the city’s inhabitants go out disguised (even masked or yet made up) and get together in the streets to sing, dance, make music in the streets, throw confetti, eventually around a parade.

Thursdays at the marina (February to April)

A dining and musical experience for your total enjoyment!
Marina Royale has assembled an extraordinary programme just for you!
Come and listen to the island’s best music groups and also enjoy special offers from our restaurateurs with dishes concocted to tempt your palates.
Time : 5pm to 10pm. – Location : Marina Royale

the heineken regatta

For over 30 years, the Heineken Regatta has created its reputation of “Serious Fun”.
A regatta during a long weekend, in March, gathers sailing fans for an entire weekend of fun.
The biggest names in sailing confront each other in friendly races, in a pleasant atmosphere where good beer never runs out.
Each year, three hundred boats, from family cruisers to racing prototypes meet for this event.
Throughout the weekend, from anywhere on the island if you look towards the sea, you will see dozens of colorful majestic boats sailing along the waves directed by numerous of professional skippers. The Heineken Regatta punctuates the frenzied pace of races and regattas throughout the year by its share of pleasure and fin. It’s an opportunity for friends to meet and share emotions between racing and pleasure.

dutch side carnival

In April or May, as you know on Saint Martin, it’s twice more fun and pleasure so prepare to live the Carnival Dutch side with mega color parades and concerts to blow your mind away.

fish day

First week end of May: A day celebrating fish and all that is linked to it.
Presentation of the various species, culinary demonstrations and tastings, presentation of the fruits and vegetables entering into the making of fish dishes.
Cultural entertainment. Several stands not to be missed!
– The Pit (for rooster fights)
– The fishermen’s stand (cleaning and history of fish)
– The kiddies’ corner (with inflatable castles to climb into)
– The bridge (visit of the Nature Preserve)
You will also find a line-up of our finest local artists there who will enable you to live some of Saint-Martin’s olden days and enjoy its cultural heritage.
Location : Cul de Sac Bay – Time : All day (from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.)

sea festival

Last week end of May, a popular event showcasing marine professionals and marine with two days of entertainment on land and many activities on sea such as sailing, diving, kite surfing, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, etc.
Place: Grand Case beach
Date: last weekend of Mai

the billfish tournament

In June: The Billfish, the greatest deep-sea fishing tournament in the Caribbean.
Are expected : 30 crews – 5 persons per crew – thus 150 participants.
Location : Marigot Water Front – Time : 7 p.m.
Persons to contact : Mr François Anton, and Mrs Chantal Vernusse “Blue Marlin” Association and Calypso Event Ph. : 0590 87 05 60 / 0690 74 27 07 –  /
See the posterWatch the video

national music celebration day

June 21st: The French National Music Celebration Day is a musical event celebrating the magical gift of music.
Several areas of the island proposing public entertainment are :
– French Quarter
– Orient Bay
– Grand Case
– Agrement
– Sandy Ground
– Concordia
– Marigot
As of 6 p.m.
Persons to contact : Saint Martin Tourism Office


july 14th : french national holiday and marigot celebration day

July 14th: Family day featuring sports, traditional and cultural events.
For a whole day the Marigot Water Front becomes a celebration village with entertainment provided by our cultural groups.
Don’t hesitate to stroll on the water front to appreciate all that’s set up for you.
***Fireworks at 09:00pm.

christmas house

The Christmas House is open during the entire month of December in Cripple Gate.
Home-made cakes and punches are served on a background of festive season decorations and music.
Today, this house represents the ultimate celebration of Christmas for the locals and was voted best tourist attraction for the month of December by our fervent visitors.
Not to be missed during your visit !!!
Opening hours : 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. each evening – Location : Cripple Gate
Be sure to : Sign Santa Claus’ Golden Book to encourage this association to keep the tradition going.
Persons to contact : Good Friends Association Presided by Ms Joe Monique Ph. : 0590 29 05 54 / 0690 58 31 52

lets share the magic of a traditional christmas

On December date to be defined, the Saint-Martin Tourism Office opens its doors to share the magic of a traditional Christmas.
Come and experience :
– Traditional dances and music
– Tasting of local flavors such as the « Guavaberry punch », drink some fresh fruit juice made with fruits of the season or the famous « Bush tea » not forgetting the Christmas ham.
– Christmas balls will be available where you can inscribe your wishes before hanging them on the traditional Christmas tree.
Buy gifts from the different stands and don’t forget to take pictures under the traditional Christmas tree!
Big and small, one and All, we are expecting to see you at the Tourism Office.

a guavaberry christmas on the waterfront

On December,date to be defined,, as of 5pm on Marigot Water Front, an evening of celebration, friendly atmosphere and activities around the Christmas spirit.
It will be a moment to experience, to discover or rediscover with your family.
Person to contact : Ms Minerva Dengleben, Territorial Arts and Culture Department Marigot Seaside School Ph. : 0590 29 59 18
Click here to see the program

grand case night lights parade

End of December, date to be defined- This annual Night Lights Parade is planned to pass through Grand Case Boulevard.
Come celebrate and admire the varied, merry and colorful floats.
A warm and delightful atmosphere will be there for everyone to experience.
Location : Grand Case – Time : As of 7 p.m.
Person to contact : Ms Monica Hodge Grand Case Cultural Association

2016 new year’s celebration

January 1st, 2016 : Be sure not to miss the first big event of the year !
It will be an occasion for you to start the year in mirth and the joys of life on Marigot Water Front.
Several sorts of entertainment are planned for this evening with a major firework as of 10 p.m.
Location : Marigot Water Front – Time : 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Person to contact : Ms Maria Van Heyninguen Events Department, Saint Martin Territorial Ph. : 0590 87 50 04